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In the past, skin products have been mostly superficial...literally. They reach the surface of your skin but don't penetrate down into the deeper layers.   The Alastin line has a new, patent-pending technology that goes below the surface layer into the dermis itself to help repair and rebuild the skin’s essential collagen and elastin. Alastin products also moisturize, fight aging and sun damage, shield the skin from environmental toxins, and provide an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen. The results are remarkable.  As I approach my 60's, I want to feel and look my best. A healthy diet and lifestyle, along with the highest quality skincare and skin protection, are the keys to that goal. Please join me on the journey.


For a head start on skin nutrition, when you purchase my skincare products, you will also receive my special report “Nutritional Information for Glowing, Healthy Skin” for free.


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