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Fitness For Women Over 40
Fitness Over 40
Focus on good nutrition. There is no lifestyle modification more powerful.

Exercise daily. Just 15 to 20 minutes of brisk walking will increase your heart rate and elevate endorphins. Just get up and move, whether it's golf, dancing or tennis. Exercise may greatly reduce your blood pressure and will provide many more benefits to your health and well-being.

Take Vitamin D every day. Research is finding how important it is for bone health and your immune system. Speak to your physician regarding dosage.

Supplement with Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Every cell in your body needs it to function. As we age, this co-enzyme decreases, so grandparents take heed!

Get your magnesium by eating bananas, spinach and sunflower seeds, to name just a few sources. Deficiency of this mineral accelerates the aging process.

Get your Omega-3's. A handful of walnuts, a serving of salmon or some flaxseed oil will provide it.

Recharge your body with 15 minutes of sunlight each day. You'll be giving your body the Vitamin D it needs. Wear your sunscreen on exposed skin.

Get a massage. Massage has been practiced as a healing therapy for centuries in nearly every culture around the world. It helps relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and evoke a feeling of calmness. Although massage affects the body as a whole, it particularly influences the activity of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems.

Take probiotics. They are great for digestion and help maintain the good bacteria in your digestive tract.

Eat plenty of garlic and onions. They help lower cholesterol and improve circulation.

Drink plenty of purified water daily. This cleanses organs and rids your body of excess sodium. It's great for your skin as well.

Have goals. The process of striving and accomplishing is a wonderful way to enrich your life and it provides even more reasons to live healthy and feel happy.

Drink ginger tea. It absorbs and neutralizes toxins in the stomach. It decreases irritation to intestinal walls. I try to drink a cup of ginger tea daily.

Take vitamins. Vitamins interact better with food, so take them with your largest meal.

Look after your emotional and spiritual health. Your body reacts to your thoughts. Positive thoughts expand the body and negative thoughts constrict it. The body needs expansion in order to be healthy. Therefore, if you want more positive things to occur, think more positive thoughts.

See each day as a gift to be alive.

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